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Vibration Analysis

Dynaprop can diagnose and identify vibration root cause and formulate remedial actions eliminate/minimize vibration. Dealing with vibration, apart from the obvious immediate benefits, carries long term gains:


  • less engine wear

  • less electrical and electronic failures

  • less breakages

  • a much smoother ride


Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Reduction of vibration and wear by statically and dynamically balancing your propeller to 0.15 ips or less using industry standard computerised dynamic balancing equipment. The process can be performed on aircraft and marine propellers. See attached PDF below for a static and dynamic propeller balancing review by the Light Aircraft Association.





Antenna Installation and Troubleshooting

Considered a black art by many. However, we know better!


We are able to competently and correctly install your antenna ensuring that it is correctly sized and tuned for your installation. We are able to perform complete diagnostics and isolate problems and issues such as interference, background noise, lack of transmission power and range. We can produce (using in house test avionics equipment) detailed reports on:


  • SWR

  • Impedance

  • Reflectance

  • Signal Loss and Gain 


EFIS EMS Installations and Troubleshooting

Whether you have a Dynon, MGL, Grand Rapids or other EFIS (Electronic Flight Information system) or EMS (Engine Management System), we can help. Dynaprop has full installation and troubleshooting facilities and instrumentation to diagnose and rectify installation and system or sensor failure. Whether it is a new install, a software upgrade or configuration problem, Dynaprop can help get you where you should be, in the air.


COM / NAV / Transponder Installation, Upgrades and Troubleshooting

Whether you are upgrading a single instrument or your entire panel, we can do it. All wiring is made to military standards using aviation grade tefzel wire so minimising the possibility of in-flight failure or associated hazards due to incorrect grade wire or bad connections. Troubleshooting and diagnosis is also a speciality using test equipment.


Partial or complete panel upgrades to new 8.33 KHz spacing radio and MODE S transponders including NMEA integration of EFIS or GPS/RADIO. We can alsoprovide bespoke harnesses for your radio, EFIS or transpoder.

Electrical Installation and Troubleshooting

Need a new power feed or the entire aircraft rewired? These jobs are our bread and butter. Whether you own a 747 or a flexi-wing no job is too big or too small. 


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